Sustainable Drainage Design and SUDs

We have extensive experience of sustainable drainage design, in relation to housing, schools, hospitals and other developments. Often called SUDs or Sustainable Urban Drainage Design Systems, they are applicable to both rural and urban areas. We call the field – sustainable drainage.

We have specialist expertise in sustainable drainage design and lectured on the subject to Royal Insitution of Chartered Surveyors and other professional organisations. We presented at the International Conference on SUDS in 2012.

We designed one of the leading examples of multi treatment stage sustainable drainage systems in the UK.

We provided our experience of sustainable drainage design systems to DEFRA in relation to the Impact Assessment for the introduction of the Flood Water Management Act 2010.

History of sustainable drainage design (systems)

Up to the 1990's the vast majority of drainage systems were not sustainable. They were simple burried pipe systems where the aim was to discharge water to the nearest sewer or ditch as soon as possible. No consideration was given to the flooding and pollution implications of such failures.

Sustainable drainage design at Dormy house









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