Salisbury Cathedral Ladywell Visitor Facility FRA

Salisbury Cathedral comissioned us to provide a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) that assessed the proposed development of the properties known as No.33 and the Ladywell, on the North Walk/The Close in Salisbury.

The aim of this FRA document was to provide an independent professional review of the flooding risks associated with the land and proposed development. It was to inform the Client and Authorities of the risk and mitigating measures.

It is central to the production of professional flood risk reports that they should not be written specifically to satisfy the Authorities and attempt to justify a development which is not suitable. Such reports must be written by experienced civil engineers based on an independent professional review of the evidence.

The purposes of such reports are:
 To identify and discuss the risk of flooding to the proposed scheme from all sources of flooding.

  • For each risk identify and to propose practical mitigation measures.
  • Identify and discuss the risk of the development on flooding to others.
  • Consider the effect of predicted climate change on future flood risk to the site
  • Determine an appropriate surface water drainage strategy
  • To provide reference for the development proposals against the requirements of current Planning Practice Guidance, local flooding policy and provide recommendations for consideration by the Authorities.
  • Recommend appropriate flood risk mitigation measures
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