Flood Risk Assessments in Oxford

Wilsham Consulting is based in Abingdon, 5 miles South of Oxford. Although we produce flood risk assessments for sites across the UK, from Newcastle to Gatwick, our greatest experience is in Oxfordshire.

Indeed, we visited many of the our sites in Oxford and the surrounding towns, during the recent major flooding events to see how accurate our reports were against the reality of the flooding events. Direct experience is just as valuable as complex modelling at a local level.

Flooding in Oxford

Oxford's name – is understood to come directly from its hydraulic background – of being a suitable place for farmers to bring their Ox across the Ford. This ford is located above the meeting point of the River Thames which is coming from the West and the River Cherwell from the North. There are also secondary streams – including the Hinksey Stream, the Shire Lake Ditch and Castle Mill Stream.

However, despite flooding, Oxford is a vibrant City and it is critical to the local economy that the flood risk does not allow the City to stagnate. We have supported many clients in Oxford with flooding problems and undertaken flood risk assessments for the Oxford Colleges to ensure that risks are understood and mitigated against, so far as reasonably possible.

So what is a Flood Risk Assessment?

A comprehensive professional engineering assessment of:

·         the various sources of flooding (not just EA maps)

·         the implications and

·         the mitigating measures

Consideration needs to be given in a flood risk assessment to the onsite and off-site implications of flooding. It requires considerable hydraulic knowledge, combined with practical civil engineering experience. Someone who spends all day producing flood risk assessment reports may be quick and efficient. The problem is – how often do they actually design drainage works and see sites that have flooded and the practical problems contractors need to deal with?

Find out more about our flood risk experience in Oxford and how we can help you.

Please put together an email, with your full details, any planning correspondence, application details and plans. Please confirm any experience of flooding.

mail Email your proposals directly to Stephen Gibson at stephen@wilsham.co.uk

Professional FRAs take a considerable time, from visiting site, obtaining modelling from the EA and liaision and as such normally take a minimum of 1 month. 

Fees will exceed £1000.

Professional FRAs cannot be produced in a week. You may find basic computer generated reports which are not written by a professional, or adequate in most circumstances, for a nominal fee from certain mapping suppliers.

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