Flood grants for householders and small businesses

As one of the leading specialist small consultancies we constantly help home owner and small businesses across the UK with their flooding problems.
Been flooded once is bad enough, but to not take steps to reduce it happening again could be far worse. The good news are there are flood grants available.
Often insurance companies require evidence that a householder or small business is being pro-active in addressing the flood risk before they will competitively insure the property again. Insurers and the Environment Agency both advise that professional expertise in flooding and flood mitigation is obtained – from a suitably qualified independent civil engineering consultant.

Civil Engineering Consultants in the UK are the professional engineers most experienced and qualified in dealing with non-military flood defence and flood mitigation work. Building surveyors, architects, structural engineers, flood product salesmen or even worse local builders are not normally qualified or insured for such work.
Sure, a flood product salesman could visit for free as a great opportunity to sale a product or a builder will be more than happy to “price anything you want”. Neither typically have design liability insurance or provide independent professional advice.

Flood grants for repair and renew

The great news is that the Government is offering a range of support for small businesses and householders affected by the recent floods, including: 
•    A £5,000 "repair and renew" flood grant for all affected business (and also homeowners) – topping up any money received from insurers to ensure flood resilience is built into homes and businesses as they are repaired. The flood grants scheme will go live on 1 April
•    All affected businesses will get 100% business rate relief for 3 months and an extra 3 months to pay business taxes owed to HMRC as they get back on their feet
•    A £10 million fund for farmers suffering water-logged fields to help restore it to farmable land as quickly as possible.
•    A total commitment in excess of £750 million from the major banks to provide financial support to business and individual customers affected by the floods
•    Up to £10 million available as emergency funding and support for businesses in flood affected areas.

The key is that the professional design and mitigation works are both covered by the flood grants.
Wilsham Consulting already provide advice and design in flood mitigation both for householders and whole local communities, often which are entirely funded by the public sector. They are however typicaly led by private householders, businesses or local community flood groups. Don't just wait for the Environment Agency to do something.

David Cameron gave details of the flood grants and a promise of business rate relief as he repeated his pledge that “money is no object” in the relief effort. At Prime Minister’s Questions he said: “We will be introducing a flood grant for all affected homeowners and businesses to build in better flood protection as they repair their properties. That will be up to £5,000 per house and per business.

Find out more about flood grants and getting professional and independent flood risk and flood mitigation advice and how we can help you.

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