Environment and Ethics

It is the policy of Wilsham Consulting Ltd to provide our services within an environmentally and ethically sound framework.

We understand that Clients have a choice and often want more than "who can I get for the lowest quote". They understand that quality and value for money are often more important than cost.

Environmental Management System

Many consultants say they operate an "Environmental Management System" with monitoring, reviews, objectives and targets, to tick all the boxes without really doing anything tangable.

Lets simplier our approach:

1) Recycling

– Use paper twice and then recycle all paper/cardboard or other recyclable materials or shred and use as small pet bedding!

– Recycle all ink cartridges

2) Energy

– Provided by Co-operative Energy, aiming to source energy where the carbon content is less than half the national suppier average.

3) Use of virgin materials

– Operating as close and reasonably possible to a paperless office. Minimising paper copies.

– When purchasing paper, opt for paper from recycled sources or sustainable forests.

4) Employee training

– Encourage and support, through training and information, all staff to understand the environmental issues affecting the firm and to take responsibility for their actions.

5) To minimise vehicles emissions.

– Maximise the use of emails and phone calls to avoid unnecessary meetings. Combining site visits where reasonably possible to reduce carbon footprint per project.

In our client projects we aim to:

  • Provide advise on sustainable highway and water design solutions. Considering whole life cycle costs.
  • Consider the environmnetal impact of works and identify mitigation measures.
  • Assist clients with environmental/flooding risk assesments and sustainable drainage and other water issues in both quality and quantity.
  • Assist clients with Code for Sustainable Homes requirementsvisit the FSB website

Many clients also like to support small UK consulting businesses such as ours, rather than the faceless multinationals. Our Director – Stephen Gibson is a Civil Engineer, not an accountant. Wilsham is a proud member of the Federation of Small Businesses.


We have considerable experience of civil design where sustainability is highly valued by clients and work with other organisations and companies who share our enthusiasm.

Online Privacy Policy

There is a lot of hysteria about web traffic reporting and privacy. We use standard Google website tools. The data is anonymous and aggregated and is to help us understand what information interests client so we can make it even better. All we know is someone looked at our website. We don't know you name, what you look like or where you live…with you just surfing. In fact your privacy will be far more effected if you go in person to a shop or office. Most likely someone will have recorded you visit on CCTV, taken you name or credit card details etc.

We don't use cookies or attempt to put things on your computer.

We do keep records of clients/contacts details just like any other business. We don't buy/sell or share these details with others. We take all reasonable steps to keep these safe.

the code store - one stop shop for the Code for Sustainable Homes



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